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Mental Health Advice from a Therapist


Do Good Feel Good

I hear so many people say that they want to be feel happy and have more energy. Over the last
few years, more and more Americans have struggled with their mental health. Life can feel out
of control sometimes; therefore, self-care is crucial.

If you have worked with me in the past, you know that I like to offer solutions that are practical,
yet impactful. Research shows that there is a connection between physical health and mental
health. Did you know that walking is one of the best exercises for health? Regular walking is
beneficial to your heart and circulatory system. It can also help normalize your blood pressure.
Some research shows that walking can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Best of all, it
is free; no expensive work- out equipment or gym membership needed.

Another way to improve your mental health is volunteering. Research is showing that people
who volunteer regularly report improvements in mental health, life satisfaction, social
interactions, and coping abilities.

Knowing the benefits of waking and volunteering, have you ever thought about walking a rescue
dog? Melissa Kreisler, founder of Melissa’s Second Chances in Shawnee, KS, says that every
year in the USA, 6 million animals enter shelters and several million never leave. She can always
use volunteers to walk her rescue dogs. “The dogs benefit so much from the break from the
shelter and the one-on-one attention. Humans benefit from the exercise, fresh air and doing
something good for animals in need.” If you would like more information on volunteering to
walk rescue dogs, contact Melissa’s Second Chances