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Therapy for Grief & Loss

Grief can imprison our soul, mind and body. Spiritually this can trigger the darkness we courageously battle alone. When our soul is trapped within this darkness it can be difficult to navigate towards the doorway of freedom. Loss can take many forms—the death of a loved one or cherished pet, an unexpected medical diagnosis, the dissolution of a relationship, a miscarriage, even the loss of a body part or job. No matter the source of your grief—it is and will always be, valid and real. True strength and bravery will always intertwine with pain, fear and loss. I will travel through the grieving process with you and will provide you with support, compassion and coping opportunities.

With in depth wisdom gained through experiences regarding death and grief and as a cancer survivor, I’ve conquered the stages of fear and grief. With this, as a trained end of life doula and hospice social worker, at the helm of grief and loss, I’ve helped many individuals and families. Working with me and my devotion, you are safe to express your grief fully.

Processing our grief is often complicated by cultural discomfort and life experiences. We all mourn differently and judgement does not exist when it comes to this path. I cannot remove the cause of your pain, but I can help adults and children through their pain, fear and grief. I offer creative, personalized solutions to guide you through your journey.